24 Christmas Gifts that Moms of Teens Want This Year (2022)

We moms spend a lot of time looking for the perfect gift for friends and family but what about us? What do moms want for Christmas? Well, we asked 260,000 of our besties in the Grown and Flown Parents group what gifts they hoped their family might be shopping for right now.

Christmas gifts moms really want

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1. Orastone Rechargeable Hand Warmer

This clever device will keep your hands toasty for three to four hours on a full charge. If your hands are warm, no matter what the temperature, you’re all set. Perfect for sitting on the sidelines at those cold soccer games. 

rechargeable hand warmer

2. AirPod Pro (2nd Gen)

Once you use AirPods you will never know how you lived without them. Perfect for listening to podcasts or talking to friends and family while we take care of all the things that need to be done. With noise-cancellation, they can truly help you find your “me time.” Now, AirPod Pros have a 2nd generation out – time for an upgrade?

air pod pros

3. AirPod Case and Lanyard

Protect AirPods with this affordable case that includes a lanyard for keeping them draped around your neck when not in use. AirPods pro case

4. Milk Frother

Buying a latte or cappuccino every day gets pretty expensive and there are days when you don’t have time to run into Starbucks, even if you wanted to. This is really a money and time-saving gift! milk frother

5. Aura Digital Frame

The family group chat is a great way to keep in touch, but here is another idea we LOVE. Have your college students or young adults send you photos from their phones, straight to a photo frame in your office, kitchen, or family room.

Photos of events at college, scenes that move them and they want to share, goofy moments that we parents so appreciate. Aura digital frame

6. Jenni Kayne 

Jenni Kayne’s sweaters will 100% become the staple of your wardrobe. A pair of jeans with one of these comfy sweaters and you are set for your daily activities and going out at night.

Jenni Kayne sweater

7. Vuori

If you haven’t discovered Vuori yet-it’s time you do. Their clothes are the definition of comfortable. The joggers are available in many pretty colors and you will never want to take them off.

vuori joggers

8. Lululemon

The yoga pants at Lululemon may be at the top of our daughters’ lists, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be on ours, too. Plus there are great jackets and accessories that we would love to receive, too. Lululemon jacket

9. Heated lavender pillow

Pop this into the microwave for 1-2 minutes and treat yourself to a soothing spa-like experience as the scent of lavender is released while the pillow soothes all the muscles around your neck. Next time your teens are driving you crazy, do this to help you de-stress.

lavender pillow

10. La Chatelaine Hand Cream Set

Lucious smells, great hand cream and beautiful gift packaging make this set of hand creams a lovely gift for a mom. With the cold winter months in many parts of the country and frequent hand washings, this is a very practical gift, too.

hand cream

11. Humor Everyday Coffee Mug

You have to have a sense of humor when you’re the mom of a teen! We think these cute mugs pretty much sum up our feelings about this stage of life. This will help you start your day with a smile.

Funny teen mom coffee mug

12. YETI wine tumblers

Give a mom this special wine tumbler and she will never want to use any other wine glass. Wine keeps chilled in this shatterproof mug. Available in many colors and add a monogram to make it truly hers.

yeti wine cooler

13. Phone and AirPods Charger

One thing that our teens seem to “borrow” and never return is our phone chargers. Give her this innovative platform that will quickly charge her phone and new AirPod Pros at the same time.

Belkin charger

14. Bearaby’s Cotton Napper

Mom, you’re going to love Bearaby’s Cotton Napper this uber-popular napping weighted blanket. It’s not only smart looking, it’s so, so comfy and can help you slip away from the holiday hoopla and get some restorative sleep.

Bearaby Napper

15. MZ Wallace

It’s unusual to find a sale on MZ Wallace because it’s such a well-made, useful bag. You can literally throw anything in there and it’s easy to carry and great looking to boot.

MZ Wallace

16. Hanging Mirror Jewelry Armoire Cabinet

Store all of your jewelry in one lockable wall-mounted cabinet with exterior full-length mirror.  Illuminated shelf is perfect for make-up application, too!

jewelry cabinet

17. Jewelry Armoire on a Stand with Full-Length Mirror

This one is portable and, when closed, also has a full-length mirror.

jewelry armoire

18. Bliss Silk Pillowcase

The gift of a better night’s sleep would be THE BEST! Love this silk pillowcase and it is available in many pretty colors.

pillow case

19. Lululemon Fleece Belt Bag

The IT bag of the season. Some colors sold out so get this one fast.

fleece belt bag

20. Lego Orchid Set

Why should our kids have all the fun when it comes to Legos? Who knew that Lego has an entire botanical collection? This orchid plant looks amazing.

orchid lego

21. College Mom Gear

Fanatics is the #1 site for college logo gear and here is where you can find your favorite college apparel and more for your alma mater and/or your teen’s. Over 500 colleges and lots to choose from.

UT women's pullover

22. Opal Countertop Ice Maker

Having nugget ice at the ready may be one of life’s luxuries that would be available for this splurge gift.

opal nugget ice machine

23. Roomba

A surprising number of G&F moms said they wanted a Roomba, especially the one that self-empties the collected dust. They are pretty amazing and provide an entertainment value to you and your pets!


24. Togetherness

But really, truly when it all comes down to it, the one thing we want most, is everyone in our family gathered around the kitchen table (happy and healthy, of course) in our very own homes laughing, talking without one single phone in sight.

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