Let’s face it, that “sleep when the baby sleeps” mantra is completely unrealistic, especially for busy parents who always feel ten steps behind on their to-do list. It can be a serious struggle to go about your regular routine with a baby’s demanding nap schedule. Get ahead of your day with these 5 useful ways parents have learned how to keep their baby sleeping through the day.

1 Carry them.

There’s no place to sleep like next to mom or dad’s chest. Use an awesome newborn baby carrier as you go about your day. This is ideal if you are needing to do a lot of walking and need to stay hands-free. With a carrier, you can easily go around the house, make long shopping trips, and even tend to your other children while your littlest snoozes. Plus, there are several benefits to carrying your sleeping baby next to you.

2 Push them.

Invest in a high quality stroller that lets you see your sleeping baby as you go about your day. These awesome strollers are lightweight and offer a smooth, comfortable ride for minimal disturbance. A good stroller allows you to run those more physical errands, like walking the dog, light jogs, lengthy shopping, or spending the day at an amusement park or zoo. Your sleeping baby will rest longer, uninterrupted.

3 Use your scent.

Studies show that babies have a powerful sense of smell. And what could be more comforting than the scent of their own mother? To keep them asleep without having to physically hold them, here’s a trick many moms have passed around: leave your (recently worn/unwashed) t-shirt with your baby. If you’re a breastfeeding mama, it’s even better if there are milk stains! Your natural scent will be familiar and comforting to your little one and will help her stay asleep longer, letting you go about your day hands-free. This is ideal for any time you can’t physically hold your baby as they sleep.


After Thanksgiving meal, what do we all want to do? Nap! That’s because our bodies are designed to crave sleep while digesting large portions of food. Before heading out for the day, fill your baby’s belly with milk, formula, or healthy sustenance. Be careful to avoid foods with lots of fruits and sugars, though as these might spike blood sugar levels and keep your little one more energized, having the opposite effect.

If you’ve ever had a spa treatment, you’ll have experienced the relaxing ambiance that spa music can bring. Babies are no different! Both Spotify and Youtube have playlists of relaxing music that stretch for hours long.  You can either play the music as a CD on repeat or utilize the free spa music digitally. However, make sure there won’t be any commercial breaks, as they can be loud and could wake your little one. Using soothing music will coax your baby to sleep and provide a relaxing atmosphere as you go about your day. There are several ways you can do this: burn the soundtrack onto a CD or play it digitally on a device such as an Echo Dot.

Ways to get baby sleeping

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