Appreciate Notes on the Wind

I deliver you fragrant blossoms… the smell of increasing grain.
I send you tunes flowing no cost to float like slipping rain.
A singing brook that tumbles with adventures excellent to notify
Conveys to you the merry notes of nature’s crystal bells.

Horses grazing peacefully look up to hear the sound
Then patiently resume their working day on open sacred ground.
Circling hawks wheel gracefully as dancers of the wind
Whilst ravens participate in their very own ballet, these brothers and my kin.

Children’s laughter dancing innocently in the solar
As proudly do the elders praise reasonable deeds of each one particular.
The whispers of descending leaves surrender to the year
As just about every and every residing matter exists for its possess explanation.

Silent spiral of drifting snow which soothes the frozen night
Even though deep within the spirit rests, renewing lifetime in flight.
Grey wolf who stands on highest peak surveying all outside of
Now provides his voice of loneliness, enriching yet my music.

I give to you the moonlit hours to stroke your silken mattress
When tenderly the songs fills your goals with what is forward.
My present to you a like music through just about every residing point
Which thrives on this wealthy superior earth… whose magnificence I do sing.

I Like to Wander the Land

Do you hear the silence? It whispers as I stand
And while I wander by yourself, it would seem, I like to walk the land.
Are you not concerned out there? The question often is listened to.
And nevertheless my voice the only just one, I hear much extra than phrases.
The sound of wind and bush and sand, the crunch of historic grit…
And then the blink of lizard’s eye as here in silent I sit.
Distant thunder indicators me, from darker worlds on large…
As I do open up vast my arms, saluting kinship with the sky.
Do you not really feel weary? So several miles away…
My energy would seem more powerful as I walk, the pleasure’s in the enjoy.
Are you feared you can expect to reduce your way? Through canyons shadowed deep…
Oh no, but if I tire, the stars will manual my sleep.
The evening star as a lot my close friend, as moonlight is my mantle…
Those night time appears then a lullaby, the comet’s eye my candle.
Aurora presents me splendor, awakening to the working day…
Coyote tracks have occur and gone, the cat has passed my way.
Cooling waters from the stream, tumbling from the mount…
So quite a few wonders all all over, far far more than a person can rely.
Mystery envelopes me, no make any difference in which I stand…
These kinds of miracles of which I’m part, and so… I walk the land.

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