There is certainly a lot discuss amongst these who simply call themselves light-personnel that the complete earth of Earth is ascending to a greater degree of “vibration” and it is assumed by some that absolutely everyone who is here will be swept up in a grand movement and ascend suitable together with the world. The alternate scenario heading all around is this: Of two guys in a area, a person will be “raptured” and the other will be “still left behind.” Although there is some amount of real truth in each of these situations, neither is an correct assessment of what will take place. In truth, some of this inaccuracy is the result of information becoming “missing in translation” when it is channeled from a different realm.

It is prudent to be careful about the initially state of affairs simply because of the following: When you listen to that the total planet is ascending, there is a inclination to give up your personal duty and electric power, your very own advancement and enlargement, and wait for some thing to occur “out there”–which implies it will not likely ever materialize. (This is why better and better steps–most of which are disagreeable and awkward to deal with–have to be taken to wake most persons up out of their illusions.)

In the second (“rapture”) scenario, the a person who chooses to choose accountability, to just take back again one’s electrical power, to turn into a learn of one’s existence, will encounter new insights and epiphanies that will experience glorious, that willcome to feel like rapture, but that isn’t going to signify he will go “poof” and vanish from this world, leaving his garments guiding. Rather, his consciousness will “ascend” he will come to be additional enlightened. (The just one who’s “left behind” will consider responsibility and grow to be enlightened a bit later…or possibly in a further life span…when he’s a lot more ready.)

Each individual particular person has to do the operate of ascending his or her individual consciousness, the most essential step of which is to abide by one’s internal direction this sort of that 1 fulfills the unique contribution that will support build the new earth, the Golden Age on Earth. I know this because of firsthand expertise of the ascension course of action, not mainly because I channel due to the fact technically, I really don’t. I also say what I indicate and am accountable for my words. On the other hand, these who channel often absolve on their own of responsibility when they say that on their very own, they could not occur up with the data they occur up with when they channel other beings. (And this somehow is intended to give them additional credence.)

In any situation, I acknowledge wisdom when I listen to it and I was not too long ago blessed to listen to the team soul “Ra’An” focus on Ascension. (Ra’An is channeled through Terry Brown, who is linked with Wynn Free.) A listener of Wynn Free’s exhibit questioned irrespective of whether anyone will ascend alongside with the Earth as the full Earth was ascending. I am such as Ra’An’s reaction in this article mainly because I know several people today nonetheless rely on channeled substance for solutions to these styles of inquiries. (Notice how conveniently quite a few give up their possess brain electrical power to individuals who are supposedly in the “higher realms”…notably in gentle of the simple fact that ascending in consciousness demands the increased use of one’s personal interior direction, thoughts power, and discernment.)

The adhering to is an excerpt of Ra’An’s respond to: “…One ought to not merely think they are ascending just by advantage of the reality that a person said the entire earth is ascending. It is an personal matter and as we have stated, street-blocks can arrive in the way by gentleman-produced interference in the procedure. For occasion, highway blocks in economic harmony and slanting results by manipulating solutions, transportation of solutions, financial problems these types of as deficiency of work by slanting the funds so that people today will operate into complications which will keep them back from an open coronary heart and complete expression within their God-presented rights to interact with some others. That is our respond to.”–Ra’An channeled by Terry Brown, July 13, 2011

I question: Are these economic street-blocks part of the “steps” currently being taken to support wake people up out of their illusions? Undoubtedly, I have professional financial actions on my possess path of ascension…which I am just just lately mounting up from, now that I have fulfilled the core of my one of a kind contribution.

The cause that numerous ought to be able to ascend this time around is that we are in the age of the World-wide-web and information and facts is easily out there at the click on of a mouse–not due to the fact we will be routinely swept up. Actually, I discovered the ascension procedure to be fairly the opposite of automatic, demanding the deliberate growth of one’s consciousness and then deliberate variations in one’s conduct and life direction.

Indeed, another recent channeling from an “ascended grasp” advises the adhering to: “It is time to just take your steps to the subsequent level, that of self-duty and self mastery…Each and every of you is capable of achieving increased factors than you have at any time dreamt achievable.–Hilarion, July 31-August 6, 2011, channeled by Marlene Swetlishoff.

I have mentioned just before that somewhat than viewing Ascension as some mass celebration taking place “out there,” you as an person must target on increasing your consciousness by reconnecting with your better self and subsequent via with your inner steerage so that you satisfy your distinctive contribution to this earth. Until people today cease viewing Ascension as some “mass celebration out there,” there will be no mass occasion.