The fact that you’re asking by yourself, “Can a Bearded Dragon eat infant spring blend bagged salads” potential customers me to imagine you might be a caring pet owner. Many uninformed beardie entrepreneurs simply just toss a bunch of greens into the terrarium devoid of appropriately educating by themselves about what a beardie can and cannot try to eat.

A toddler spring combine salad can be damaging to your Bearded Dragon dependent on the elements in the bag. Substances in this style of prepackaged salad may differ, so one maker may perhaps put selected things in it that a further leaves out.

The principal environmentally friendly you want to steer clear of is spinach. It binds calcium to it and it leads to your pet reptile a great deal of soreness since it are unable to digest the spinach. In standard, lettuce is just not healthy meals for your beardie, possibly – mainly because it lacks vitamins and minerals that your pet requirements.

In this article are some terrific possibilities:

Collard greens
Bok Choy
Mustard greens
Turnip greens

You can also incorporate some other foods like squash and carrots, but only in moderation mainly because reptiles can undergo from Vitamin A toxicity, a affliction they get if they take in much too many foods with Vitamin A in it – and it can destroy your pet lizard if you are not mindful.

It can help to have some readymade pre-packaged meals on hand, far too mainly because your Bearded Dragon ingesting patterns will need to have some wide range (and convenience for you). Make confident that when you’re browsing, you know whether to invest in juvenile food or food stuff for an grownup Bearded Dragon simply because their needs are distinctive.

And lastly, you can want to dietary supplement the greens, veggies and prepackaged food items with some stay prey for your new pet. Lots of beardie owners simply offer their reptile with a everyday feeding of are living crickets, when other individuals use mice in the enclosure.