Anyone who has followed the remarkable rags to riches tale of Bruce Lee’s remarkable journey from a poor and troubled childhood as a result of to his meteoric rise to fame in the 60’s and 70’s martial arts action videos will be conscious of the mysterious legend encompassing him of his battles with a demonic entity.

For all those of you unfamiliar with the situation encompassing this I shall test to elaborate and decide on by the many strange myths and wild stories that have been generated around the many years due to the fact his premature death in 1973.

It has been proposed by some that there was a curse on the Lee household and that Bruce and his father both of those inherited it and that to hide Bruce from the demon his father adopted the Chinese custom of supplying him a women identify Léi Saifung Pinyin: Li Xìfèng, which pretty much meant “smaller phoenix”. Quite a few people believe that it was an evil spirit that was ultimately responsible for Lee’s demise on the 20th July 1973.

Of class, all of this has been mythologized more than the several years not the very least by the 1993 film ‘Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story’ which was supposed to chart the actors increase to fame and eventual death. The movie grossly exaggerates a lot of features of Lee’s life and towards the finish depicts Lee in an actual martial arts battle with an armored samurai demon.

But is there any real truth in fact to the tale of Lees Demons? I imagine so . . . but not in the way you would feel and not in the literal sense of demonic haunting.

Slumber Paralysis is a phenomenon skilled by millions of men and women all more than the world and victims commonly report the exact same indicators they awaken to obtain them selves entirely paralyzed from head to toe and normally expertise unpleasant indicators these as vivid hallucinations of previous hags or extra typically dim shadowy figures.

In his 1996 book ‘Bruce Lee Preventing Spirit’ Bruce Thomas features a chapter identified as ‘The Shadow’ which consists of statements manufactured by Bruce’s spouse and children and pals telling of his battles with a black shadowy determine in his rest which held him down – a regular symptom of Rest Paralysis.