Fabulous Kids' Movies For Winter Break That Parents love

  Winters often unfold with chilly nights, breezy mornings, and cozy afternoons. Combined with the smell of gingerbread and the spirit of Christmas, the winter holidays are the best time to enjoy with family and kids. What better way to enjoy the holidays than watching kids’ movies for winter break

kids' movies for winter break
Watch Kids’ movies during winter break

Here are some of the classics loved by kids and adults alike.

Movies for Toddlers and Preschoolers

There are several kids’ movies for winter holidays that not only boost the holiday spirit but also teach a lesson alongside. Here are some of the best kids’ movies for toddlers and preschoolers. 

A Charlie Brown Christmas 

It is a lovely movie that unfolds with a heartwarming story supported by a fantastic soundtrack. Your toddlers are going to love this movie. This classic, released in 1966, is still relatable and entertaining.


How the Grinch Stole Christmas 

Another classic from 1966, this movie is still rated as best because of its distinctive animation and quirky musical score. It will definitely keep your toddler hooked on the movie till the end.


Christmas at Mistletoe Farm 

This latest addition to the list of winter blockbusters will keep your kids entertained for hours. Watch a group of cute kids hatch a plan to stay on a farmhouse housing tons of adorable animals forever. The movie takes you from the countryside to a rural setup with a dose of fun and mischief.


Mickey’s Once Upon A Christmas 

This classic animation from 1999 showcases the lovely adventures of Mickey, Minnie, Pluto, Goofy, and the gang. Experience the magic of the holiday season with this adorable animated escapade.



Join Yi on an admirable adventure where she befriends a Yeti living on the roof of her apartment. Eventually, she finds herself on a quest to help Yeti reunite with his family while a wealthy businessman tails them every step of the way. 

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Movies for Preteens and Tweens

Your teens and tweens can definitely relate at some point to these fantastic winter-themed kids’ movies.


The Polar Express

It is hard to believe you can live through your teens and tweens without watching this eternal classic from 2004. This movie beautifully explains the spirit of Christmas and the magic of winter through a magical journey to the North Pole.

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The Nightmare Before Christmas 

This classic from 1993 redefines whimsy with a dose of entertainment and delight. Your kids will go crazy watching the Pumpkin King take over Santa for a whimsical Christmas.


Alone from Christmas 

This blockbuster from 2013 showcases a cute adventure where a pooch is left alone at home. Eventually, he battles a group of burglars who try to steal Christmas presents. Your kids will definitely love the remarkable adventure of a little furry friend.


winter classic movies for kids

Watching a winter-themed movie!

Nanny McPhee 

This classic from 2005 never gets old. Not only does it showcases the best comedy ever, but also teaches your kids the importance of discipline and obedience.

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An evergreen blockbuster from 1989, Prancer shows a single dad whose daughter believes to have found Santas reindeer. This heartwarming dramedy will leave you in awe. 

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Movies for Teenagers

Keep your teen kids inspired and engaged throughout the winter holidays with these awe-inspiring kids’ winter movies.


Home Alone 

Well, this slapstick hardly requires any introduction. This classic from 1990 and its sequels are a treat to watch every time. They also teach your growing teenagers to be more responsible and confident.


Rise of the Guardians 

Have you always fantasized about Santa delivering gifts and nibbling cookies and milk? This blockbuster from 2012 redefines your fantasies about Santa, where he fights dark forces with Ester bunny to save Christmas.


Kids movies that parents love
Enjoy with your teen kid, and watch a movie togather!

Christmas Oranges 

This classic from 2013 presents a heartfelt story of a little girl who not only loses everyone but also finds herself in an orphanage managed by a grumpy man. Furthermore, her pain gets manifold when she discovers that the man despises Christmas. Will she be able to adjust to the new setup or change the place forever for good? Do check out one of the amazing kids’ movies for winter break.


Marry Poppins 

Hop on a bandwagon of magical adventure with your kids in this exceptional classic of all times. In the movie, the kids search for a perfect nanny when Mary Poppins pleasantly surprises them with appealing characteristics.

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Mrs. Doubtfire 

How far can a father go to spend more time with his beloved kids? Watch this hilarious blockbuster wherein a divorced dad transforms into an adorable nanny to stay beside his kids. 

Other winter classics for kids include Frozen, and The Chronicles of Narnia.