Nature Crafts Ideas - Parenting Now

As mom and dad, we can sometimes truly feel pressured into trying to keep our little ones active and entertained in the course of the extended summertime times. But summer is the perfect time to sluggish down and  enjoy the all-natural elegance of our area. Nature crafts are a exciting way to get outdoor, and spend time with your kid. For all of these crafts you will will need leaves and flowers. 

Mother nature Tree

With your child, select leaves, bouquets, and grasses. Then, draw a tree on a piece of paper. You can use design paper or cardstock. Drawing a tree doesn’t have to be great, but this is a terrific way for you to aid your kid’s fingers draw a tree if they are nevertheless studying. Then, glue the products they located in the back yard to their tree. This is a enjoyment and uncomplicated craft and it can assist you cleanse up your backyard. 

Tic-Tac-Toe with Rocks

At any time go on a character wander and come across a good deal of flat rocks? They are ideal for working with in a video game of Tic-Tac-Toe. Gather some rocks and paint them with X’s and O’s. You can also paint the rocks with a lot of entertaining shades! Then, instruct your youngster the principles of Tic-Tac-Toe. Have pleasurable!

Leaf Luminaries and Bracelets

When going on a character stroll or tenting, you and your boy or girl might locate some stunning leaves of all distinct shapes and dimensions. Use these to make a leaf luminary. All you need is get hold of paper, scissors, and a flameless candle, if you want to let the light-weight go by your luminary. Cut a piece of get hold of paper huge ample so that it would go around a thing like a plastic milk jug. This is just for the dimensions, so you know you have adequate place to set the leaves and flowers you found on your luminaries. Then, peel the make contact with paper back and put the leaves on the sticky facet of the get in touch with paper. Make absolutely sure you do not overlap the leaves. Then, wrap it all-around so the flameless candle can match inside of it. The get in touch with paper will stick to by itself. 

Dependent on the size of your child’s wrist, you can do these exact same methods to make a bracelet for your baby. Decide on out the flowers and leaves and cut a smaller sized portion out of get in touch with paper. They can then have a bracelet entire of flowers way too. 


To make a paper crown, just take a paper bag and slash down the facet on the fold all the way down to the bottle of the bag and lower the base of the bag out. Then evaluate the circumference of your child’s head with the bag and slice to the proper size. On the prime of the crown, minimize a zig zag pattern to give the crown more of a “regal” overall look. Tear off a piece of duct tape that is the similar size as the crown and lay it sticky side up. Attach the leaves, flowers, and everything else your boy or girl wants on their crown to the sticky facet of the duct tape. Then attach the duct tape to the crown.