James 1:22 claims this: “Do not just pay attention to the Phrase and so deceive yourselves, but do what it states.” If Christians do not do what the Bible states to do, then can they definitely phone on their own a Christian? If we have chosen to make God our Commanding Officer, then it’s our duty to obey Him out of fantastic appreciate for all that He is accomplished for us. Here is a enjoyment Bible faculty activity to assist your young ones understand this crucial real truth and Scripture.

Here’s what you do:

This activity will be performed finest with 8 or far more young children. The only products you will want for this sport is a whistle. Have the gamers stand at random all around your playing space. You, the teacher, will then blow the whistle two, a few or 4 moments signifying to your class the varieties of groups that they will need to form by holding hands. In other words, if the whistle is blown two instances, the small children need to type teams of two. If teams are shaped and a participant or gamers are left out, then that kid or little ones will then have to have to say James 1:22 from memory. If he is productive, he may possibly participate in the following round. If not, he will have to wait for the subsequent round to be in excess of and consider and say the verse once more. He can consult with a Bible or poster giving the Scripture throughout a spherical of engage in in buy to help him recite it properly. These will be the principles for any one who is remaining out of a group. Once a child suggests the verse effectively, they can enter again into the activity.

Right before taking part in the game, introduce the lesson in the following way:

Who can give me some examples of factors that God needs us to do? (Wait around for responses this kind of as “love one particular yet another”, “pray” or “worship”.) Of course. All people are good examples. Where by do we master to do people items? (Wait for responses these as from God or the Bible.) Christians generally discover what God would like them to do from the Bible or Word of God. Who would like to browse James 1:22? (Have a youngster go through this verse.) This verse states that if we do not do what God tells us to do it truly is like we are residing a lie. In other words, if you say you are a Christian, but don’t act like a Christian, then you are lying to God, by yourself and the environment about who you say you are. Do you want to be recognized as a liar? (Wait for responses.) I hope not. God despatched His Son do die for you so that you can turn out to be a Christian. If you do obey God, it ought to be carried out out of good love, pleasure and gratitude for what He has performed for you. Let’s play a sport referred to as “Whistle, Pay attention and Do” to support us understand James 1:22. Ahead of we play, let us say James 1:22 a number of instances with each other to aid you memorize it as quickly as feasible.

Immediately after the kids have a superior deal with on memorizing James 1:22, you are all set to play the game. Have enjoyable!