Why Christians Must Care about Politics

There are several factors additional controversial than irrespective of whether Christians ought to be concerned with politics, and if so, to what degree and how that involvement ought to transpire. In this episode, I crack down two fundamental premises for imagining very well about this subject matter:

1. Christians have the ideal, politically talking, to advocate for our sights in the community sq..

2. Christians have the calling, spiritually talking, to advocate for the fantastic of others.

I then respond to seven widespread objections to Christian political involvement. These (errant) ideas are sad to say discovered all through Pastor Andy Stanley’s new e book, Not In It to Gain It, so I use prices from that guide as a case review to exhibit the complications with this kind of thinking. (To be apparent, these are issues I consider there are with what he wrote, not issues he is presenting.)

The objections to involvement that I handle are:

1. Folks really don’t like the church when we concentration on politics.

2. Neither social gathering signifies Christianity, so Christians should not be known to be affiliated with a precise bash.

3. You simply cannot improve people’s hearts by changing regulations.

4. Nation switching was not portion of Jesus’s mission, so it shouldn’t be section of ours.

5. In “fighting” for our rights, we’re not placing other individuals initially.

6. Politics create division and division is the enemy.

7. Politically involved Christians just want to “get our way” or attain “power.”

There ARE unhealthy mixes of faith and politics, but that’s not the topic of this episode (however I do admit all those a little bit as I deal with the above details). My function right here is to deal with all those who are cautioning Christians to remain out of politics in substantial strategies. I assume that is a grave blunder.

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