5 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Kid’s Concentration Levels
– bababaa

A lot of us want our child to learn to play an instrument but struggle with the practicing element. Not only do you have to schedule the time and make them sit down to do it, but how do you know it is even effective practicing? I asked an expert, a long-time private music teacher, and this is what I learned. Keep in mind that these tips are great for kids, but they apply to adults and even professional musicians.

Five Important Tips for Practicing Well

1) Practice consistently. My source says “you only have to practice on days you eat.” But you don’t have to practice a lot. A short practice every day is better than a long practice every three days.

2) Practice small pieces. And I mean small, like a five-note passage. Repeat the same tricky parts until you get them right rather than trying to play the whole piece. This applies to all ages and is really important.

3) Only practice playing correctly. If you keep making mistakes, your brain learns to play the mistake. This means you might need to slow down, as slow as you need to go, to make sure you play it right. Then repeat.

4) Plan to over deliver. This is a parent/teacher trick. Offer a really small/easy practice and then encourage them to add to it while playing. That was great. Can we play that just one more time?

5) Do the Sandwich. This is a professional technique. Solve a problem (see number 2 above), play something else, and then come back and play the problem part again. This is a bit like letting yourself get lost, finding your way, and then returning to where you were lost before. It is the best way to learn.

Good luck practicing. I hope these tips help you make the best of your limited practice time.