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Fans of Minions take note, Minions has taken over a corner at RWS with A
Minon’s Perspective Experience. This exhibition has a tour around Seoul,
Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Taipei and will now call Singapore home from 3
September to 2nd October. It has taken over the spot where Trick-Eye Museum
used to be.

This experience spans over 1,400 square meters and will feature eight thematic
rooms featuring Gru, Minions, villains and more. It is an interactive
experience with games and plenty of posable exhibits that will entertain
anyone from 2 to 122. As long as you are a fan of the Minion or if banana
happens to be your favourite fruit, you must not miss this!

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Here is a peek at what to expect

Zone 1: Preshow Theatre

Preshow Theatre Minions

Watch classic clips from Despicable Me and Minions Films. This will invoke
memories of the die-hard Minions Fans as you find yourselves remembering all
the moments on screen!

Zone 2: Film Showcase: Minions Movie Magic

Minions Film Showcase

The next zone will take you behind the scenes of the Despicable Me and Minions

Minon character Mock Up

Here, you will see movie sketches, film stills and our favourite character
mock-ups for a 3D view of the minions. So take your time to explore the exhibits
and learn more about your favourite minions.

Minion Sub

Zone 3 & 4: Hallway and Gru’s Lab


Here is where the fun beings. Walk through the hallway, and minions will greet
you along the way.

Minions Hallway

Here you would have 4 interactive elements. 

Fart Gun Test

This includes 

  • Fart Gun Test
  • Blueprint Experiment Console Table 
  • Immersive Googles
  • Gru Character Dossier
Immersive Googles

Have a go at these interactive elements. We are sure you will be immersed in

Evil Minion

There are plenty of stations for you to pose for your TikTok or Instagram
feeds. Take a photo with Gru or one of the minions.

Strike a Post

Zone 5: The Girl’s Room with a  Supersize Fluffy

This zone will be a hit with the girls. But, first, you will enter the Girl’s Room
and wish you have decorated your daughter’s room with the same stuff Agnes Gru

Walk through a hallway, and you will end up face to face with a giant
Fluffy. She will make an excellent backdrop for your photos!

There are 2  interactive stations.

  • Interactive Fluffy Wall
  • Digital Colouring Wall

We like how you can colour your own minions on the digital colouring wall, and
they will magically appear on the digital colouring wall. Cool stuff. 

Zone 6: Villains Lair

Scarlet Overkill

Next, step into the Villans Lair and strike a pose with your favourite minions. 

Balthazar Bratt

You will meet Scarlet Overkill,  El Nacho, Balthazar Bratt and
Vector here.

El Nacho

3 interactive stations will test your memory 

  • El Macho Memory Game
  • Bratt Dance
  • Scarlett Tiles
El Macho Memory Game

Play the El Macho Memory by memorising the sequence of colours on the dance
floor or the Scarlet tiles to solve a jigsaw puzzle.

Scarlet Tiles

Zone 7: Minions Zone – Go bananas with Minion Games

Banana Mania

The fun picks up several notches at the Minions Zone

3 Interactive elements will challenge you and your friends or family to hours
of fun.

  • Build a Minion
  • Which Minion are You
  • Banana Mania
Build a Minion

Our personal favourite is ‘Build a minion’. It is a memory game where
you must match the Minion character on the screen. It is more challenging than
it looks, and you have plenty of characters to test your memory skills.

Zone 8: Minion Age- Experience Minions  Thru The Ages

Stone Age Minion

This zone is for those who want to take millions of photos with the Minions.

You would meet Minions from different eras, from the stone age to ancient Egypt to
the reign of King Bob. 

Just bring your cameras and snap snap snap.

King Bob

Bonus: Minion Retail Store

Last but not least, stop by the retail store and check out the 100 exclusive
merchandise items offered only from ‘A Minion’s Perspective Experience.’

Other than picking a souvenir for yourselves, you can enjoy snacks there.


This exhibition is best enjoyed by families or friends. With interactive games
and exhibits to pose, it will make the hour or two there a fun experience for

A Minion’s Perspective Experience will be at RWS from 

Tickets are priced at $22 for children and $30 for adults

There is also a family option (2 A2C) + $10 retail voucher for $100