i Light Singapore 2022 is BACK so here’re the Dazzling & Interactive Light Installations Not to be Missed! Cheekie Monkies

Happening from 3 to 26 June 2022, 7.30pm to 11.00pm daily with extended hours to 12.00am on Fridays and Saturdays, i Light Singapore 2022 showcases light art installations created by Singaporean and international artists. These artworks are designed with energy-saving lightings and/or environmentally-friendly materials to encourage festival goers and the general public to adopt sustainable habits in their everyday lives. Admission is free, while charges apply for certain programmes.

Starting this year, each edition of the Festival will be anchored on a colour from the visible light spectrum which comprises different wavelengths representative of the diverse sights around us.

, the 2022 edition will kick off with the colour that has the shortest wavelength – violet. Embodying the most powerful electromagnetic energy in the visible light spectrum, violet is a colour that signifies creativity by awakening our senses, akin to the spark of an idea in one’s mind.

There are a total of 20 installations this year, which dot the perimeter of Marina Bay with the rest at Esplanade Park a short stroll away.

That said, it is still quite a long distance to walk but it makes for a great after-dinner activity with the kids. Plus, there is a huge fringe event, GastroBeats, happening at the Bayfront Event Space but more on that later.

For now, here are the light installations that families should not miss if you are planning a fun night out by Marina Bay:

Firefly Field

Location: The Promontory at Marina Bay

This is probably the most IG-worthy installation! 

Be enchanted by Firefly Field as it simulates the ever-changing bioluminescence of fireflies as they take to the air at dusk. Flying in an effortless electronic swarm, these 500 alternating light points that resemble fireflies create a dynamic light scene to trigger curiosity and awe of the natural world.

Light Canvas

Location: In front of Red Dot Design Museum

Kids will love ‘drawing’ on the canvas with light!

Light Canvas invites visitors to illuminate the artwork using light from their mobile phones. Through its playful and inviting elements, Light Canvas hopes to probe into several contemplative questions – What is the cost of our actions on the environment? What are we willing to give up for a more sustainable future?

Here and There

Location: Event Square

Another fun interactive installation that kids will enjoy!

Here and There features a gigantic disc which visitors can get onboard. It works like a seesaw so  you can shift around and work with others to activate lighting that changes according to the degree of tilt. 

Works best with a group of friends to trigger the various sensors and fun lighting effects!

Keep on Moving

Location: Marina Bay Waterfront Promenade

A fascinating installation that makes for a great photo opportunity!

Keep on Moving is a striking ode to running. This installation is inspired by Chronophotography, an antique photography technique that captures frame-by-frame movement. The artwork represents not only a ubiquitous sight at Marina Bay, but also resembles plastic mannequins at retail stores prevalent in an increasingly consumerist society.

Alone Together

Location: Marina Bay Link Mall Entrance

Another interactive installation but this time, it is through the use of one’s mobile phone.

Alone Together documents the experience of living in isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic. Inspired by scenes of housing estates in Singapore, it takes a peek through windows at people’s lives and tells stories that can resonate with everyone.

You can share your pandemic memories by making your choices via a website on your phone, and watch your selection come to life in one of the windows of the installation.

Collective Memory

Location: Breeze Shelter

Collective Memory honours the evolution of digital storage by crafting upcycled CDs into a shimmering landscape of reflected light. Immerse in a novel spatial experience as each suspended disc interweaves with others and collectively reflect on their mirrored surfaces a host of inspiring memories that these CDs once held.


Location: Lawn next to One Marina Boulevard

There is an interesting story behind this installation.

Fallen follows the story of an ethereal jellyfish that roamed the universe in search of stars to consume. The wanderer, unfortunately, mistook humans’ trash as a star and as it fed its insatiable hunger, the jellyfish’s body grew heavier and crashed onto Earth. Oops. 😅

DBS Live More, Waste Less Installation: Waste Not, Want Not

Location: Marina Bay Lower Boardwalk

Waste Not, Want Not, promotes the normalising of ugly food of irregular shapes. The larger-than-life installation comprises four stylised inflatable sculptures, designed in a quirky fashion celebrating the natural variety of shapes that produce comes in, though having no fewer nutritional benefits than their beautiful counterparts. 

Next time you pick up your groceries, give ugly food a chance!

Ruffled Ice

Location: Mist Walk

Drawing attention to the excessive use of plastic packaging in our everyday lives, Ruffled Ice turns trash into art showcasing melting icebergs and ice caverns sculpted from redundant packaging materials, highlighting the enormous damage discarded plastics have on our environment.

Eyes of the Sea

Location: Mist Walk

Eyes of the Sea is an upcycled installation that showcases the pressing issue of discarded plastics choking the oceans and endangering our precious marine ecosystem.


Location: Clifford Square

This installation was inspired by photosynthesis and the aesthetics from Dr Seuss’s books!

Florescentia, which means “blossoming” in Latin, is a display of kinetic sculptures made of 100% recycled carbon neutral polypropylene. 

I must say it is pretty mesmerizing to see the ‘ribbons’ fold inwards and unfold outwards on their own.


Location: OUE Tower

Made of upcycled satellite dishes, SWANS resembles life-like swans floating on water. The chosen materials used in this installation highlight the waste generated from a growing consumption of mainstream mass media. Come admire these graceful swans floating peacefully in the pond and blending perfectly into the environment.


Location: Queen Elizabeth Walk waterfront steps

Re-Act is an installation that highlights climate issues such as rising sea levels and water pollution. The installation simulates the trickling of water pollutants into the sea which destroys the marine ecosystem, and symbolises cracks in icebergs caused by climate change. This installation prompts us to rethink our relationship with water in our battle against global environmental issues.


Location: Esplanade Park

Bondfire is an assemblage of glowing columns, where light from a single point is refracted within a clear tube. Enshrouded in a field of fog, clusters of light pillars resemble the experience of being by a bonfire.


Location: Esplanade Park

Made of discarded fishing nets, Underworld aims to highlight the fragility of our marine ecosystem. Underworld is an enchanting scene of giant lanterns and soundscapes that takes you to an imaginary undersea settlement. The installation was inspired by the marine conservation efforts of the local community in Smögen, a small Swedish fishing village by the Skagerak Sea. 

Meet Me Under the Moon

Location: Esplanade Park

Meet Me Under the moon is an interactive installation inspired by the grandeur and poetics of the full moon during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Take a seat on the cloud benches to light up the artwork in a collective effort, and discover a haunting rhythm of the breathing moon as you interact with this glowing installation.

In addtion, there is another light installation located Marina Bay Lower Boardwalk which is ticketed.

Lightwave: Isle of Light empowered by OPPO

Location: Marina Bay Lower Boardwalk (near Red Dot Design Museum)

$8 per pax (up to 25% discount savings for bundle of 5 and up)

This area consists of plenty of highly Insta-worthy installations (which is why it’s payable, I suppose 😅).

Visitors can embark on a specially constructed floating pontoon above the Marina Bay waterbody for a multi-sensory journey that will awaken their senses.

At Lightwave: Isle of Light empowered by OPPO, traverse five unique zones with immersive features and be treated to a unique light art showcase of imagination and creativity. 

Tired and hungry after all the walking?

Then head to the large-scale fringe event, GastroBeats, that is also taking place simultaneously at Bayfront Event Space (beside MBS).

GastroBeats is a 14,200sqm urban lifestyle playground for creative talents in the culinary, arts, and entertainment world. 

The largest festival to be opened to the public since Covid-19, GastroBeats will feature an exciting lineup of live performances, delicious food options from renowned local and international culinary personalities, graffiti art, and food-themed bouncy castles.

Oh, did ‘bouncy castles’ catch your attention?

That’s right, Kiztopia Friends take over the PLAY scene in the sensational neon playgrounds at GastroBeats!

Showcasing 8 gigantic playful food-themed inflatables, Jumptopia @ GastroBeats lets everyone bounce themselves silly on life-sized doughnuts, croissants and macarons, dive into a ball pit that is filled with like ‘bubble tea toppings’, or slide down the taco-inspired slides! 😲

Want something even more thrilling? Head to the massive slides at Tiger’s Burger Joint, or leap into a giant noodle bowl to know how ingredients feel when they are tossed around! 😂 Also equally fun are the Sushi Bar which is essentially an obstacle course and, Raby’s Ice Cream Universe and Drago’s Fruit Market where you get to expend even more energy. 

See more photos here:



i Light Singapore 2022

Dates: 3 – 26 June 2022

Timings: 7.30pm to 11.00pm daily with extended hours to 12.00am on Fridays and Saturdays

Venue: Marina Bay

Admisison: FREE

Jumptopia @ GastroBeats

Dates: 3 – 26 Jun 2022

Timings: 4pm – 10pm

Venue: Bayfront Event Space

Admission: Mon – Thurs: $23 | Fri – Sun: $26 (One hour of playtime)

*PROMO: Apply promo code <GBVISA10> to enjoy 10% off tickets when you pay by Visa.

**Ticket includes general admission to Gastrobeats.

GastroBeats 2022

Dates: 3 – 26 Jun 2022

Timings: 10.30am – 10.30pm

Venue: Bayfront Event Space

Admission: $9

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