No, There Is Not Wrong On Both Sides

I spend a lot of my time these days speaking with people who have lost loved ones to the QAnon phenomenon, but the last two episodes had to be the most challenging to write. Each of them included harrowing stories of racism between two people who considered each other best friends.

In one, a white QAnon mother tells her half-Black daughter that there is wrong on both sides of the Black Lives Matter debate. In another, a white husband crushes his Black wife of nearly a decade with racist rhetoric that seemed to come out of nowhere.

We’ve also included a story of a child survivor of a mass shooting whose father believes he is a crisis actor in an event staged to justify taking guns away from Americans.

I’m going to admit I had to pause while recording both of them to wipe away tears. These are both extraordinarily emotional episodes and can be difficult to listen to, so please proceed with caution.

I hope you get something out of each of these episodes:

Episode 8:

Episode 9:

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