Rainforest Treehouse in Johor lets you Stay at a 3-Storey Treehouse within a Forest (Hidden Cafe included!) Cheekie Monkies

If you have always wondered what it’s like to stay in a Treehouse and spend the night in the middle of a forest, then the Rainforest Treehouse in Kulai will tick all the boxes for you… at least for me, it sure did AND MORE!

Located in the state of Johor, Malaysia, Rainforest Treehouse is a 40-min drive away from Singapore but the surroundings is completely different from the concrete jungle we know in Singapore.

For starters, the eco-resort is situated at the base of Gunung Pulai, a mountain which served as the British amry’s stronghold against the invading Japanese troops during World War II. So expect to be surrounded by lush greenery when you there.

Rainforest Treehouse currently has four types of accommodation available for booking.

Two of them are for 2 to 4 persons, and includes a loft where the ‘bedrooms’ are at.

Photo credit: Rainforest Treehouse

For larger groups, there is the newest Treehouse which is located near the entrance of the eco-resort which can fit 6 to 8 persons. Completed in 2021, this will be most suited for families with younger kids and elderly as one doesn’t need to walk far to reach the accommodation.

But for the true blue Treehouse experience, you have to book the 3-storey Treehouse (for 5 to 7 pax), otherwise known as the ‘Sunset’ Treehouse.

Which was what we did.

Upon checking in at 2pm, we were given a short briefing on what to expect during our stay. The rate for a 1-night stay includes one breakfast, one dinner and a guided jungle trek the next morning. And with that, it was time to head to our Treehouse.

And this was where the fun (or challenge) began.

To get to our accommodation, we had to climb up the forested hill via a flight of steps. I didn’t count but I was told the whole trek up was about 300 steps. It took us about 5 minutes but suffice to say, we were panting a fair bit after that.

But we weren’t done with the climbing just yet, because the Treehouse had 3 levels which means we had to climb up the ladders within the Treehouse to get to the top most level.

The first level is considered to be the ‘living room’. We didn’t spend much time here, and only used this level to store our bags.

The second level was where the mattresses and pillows were mostly kept, so this was the ‘bedroom’ I suppose.

The third level, though, was a totally different story. Because just check out this awesome view!

The entire level was extremely well-ventilated (yes, in case you still didn’t realise, there is NO air-conditioning here), airy and bright.

There was even a huge spider-net that we could just laze and chill the day (and night) away.

And the reason why this Treehouse was named ‘Sunset’ is because it offers the BEST views of the sunset, in additon to the breathtaking mountain views all around.

When I first posted the Rainforest Treehouse on Facebook and Instagram, one of two most popular questions I received was “Where is the toilet?” Fret not, because there IS a bathroom. 

The bathroom is detached from the Treehouse and located on the ground level. It has a wash area with taps, as well as 3 toilets which each comes with a showerhead for bathing. Yes, there is NO hot water.

Of course, this cannot be compared to your usual hotel bathroom but I feel it adds to the rustic charm of the place.

The other popular question that I received was “Are there a lot of mosquitoes?” I would be lying if I said no… because this is an actual forest that the Treehouse is located so naturally, there will be mosquitoes and other insects.

So there are indeed mosquitoes when we were at the ground level, and at the bathroom but surprisingly, we didn’t get bitten when we were at the top most level of the Treehouse. I reckon that’s because we were pretty high up, near the canopy so the mosquitoes don’t really travel that high up.

Speaking of the canopy, staying at the Treehouse gave us the perfect view of the many insects and birds that reside among the top of the forest… an area which we usually wouldn’t get a chance to view. It was like watching a Nature documentary (minus the narration of David Attenborough 😅) which was fascinating!

Another reason why we loved the third level of the Treehouse was it was just so cooling there! And that also explained why we chose to lay our mattresses there to spend the night.

But before that, dinner and a mini adventure after that!

For dinner, we had to make our way down to the reception area to have our food – which was pretty simple but delicious fare. But that also meant we had to make our way UP after that. We had gotten used to the 300 steps but the thrill was walking up in TOTAL DARKNESS because there are NO lights!

We were told to bring along torches before our stay so we came prepared. Nothing too scary, I assure you… although the wifey made the two boys lead in front and I had to be the last person in the group. 😆

As the veil of darkness blanketed the Treehouse’s surroundings, it was time to bond together as a family through card games… because frankly, what else could we do? But I am not complaining because how often can we get moments like this, when we are not distracted by our work, emails and phones???

Guests are advised to switch off the accommodation’s lights and to keep the volume down after 10.30pm as the treehouses are pretty open and sound can travel easily.

I think we went to bed slightly before midnight but in the middle of the night, I was awoken by the rumbling of loud thunder. A heavy thunderstorm soon followed and while we didn’t get wet, it was such a surreal experience to be right in the middle of a thunderstorm with rain pelting down on the trees all around me. And because of the rain, the temperature plunged. In fact, it felt colder than my preset aircon temperature at home!

By 6am, the rain has cleared and msit descended upon the hills around us. 

And the rest of my family? They were still asleep. 😁

At least they woke up in time for breakfast! 

But because of the heavy rain, our jungle trek has to be cancelled. Bummer. Well, at least it gives me a good reason to head back again!

Yes, the kids definitely enjoyed it more than I expected them to. Initially, the wifey and I was worried that they may find the treehouse to be too rustic because let’s face it, when you stay within the forest, you have to share the space with bugs.

And trust me, there are quite a number of visitors especially at night when they are attracted to the light. There was an instance when a giant grasshopper landed right on Ale’s face! Expectedly, she yelped but she took it in her stride. 

So I have to admit – the Treehouse stay isn’t for everybody because it definitely isn’t you standard hotel room stay. But if you wish to allow yourself -and even the kids – to have a unique stay experience within a forest while perched high up near the canopy, then Rainforest Treehouse will be it.


Rainforest Cafe

Within the compound lies a ‘hidden’ cafe too, which is also built like a treehouse where guests can lounge either on the floor or along the long tables at the side.

The cafe serves mains like pasta, sandwiches, soups as well as desserts like cakes and pastries, with the mains averaging about RM24 each. Do try their homemade wood-fired and drip coffee too!

There are also spider-nets for guests to chill, and swings and a slide for kids!

So if you don’t feel like staying overnight in the Treehouse, you can still drop by the Cafe and enjoy the tranquil surroundings too. Do note that reservations via its online booking page is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED and that the accommodation treehouses’ areas are out of bounds to non-guests.

Gunung Pulai

As Rainforest Treehouse is located at the base of Gunung Pulai, you can easily hike up the mountain along the 5km-long tarmac road. Standing at 654m (4 times taller than Bukit Timah Hill), it will take about two hours to hike up the mountain.

We didn’t feel that adventurous on the day we were there so we did the next best thing – we hiked to the waterfall!

The waterfall is located about 1km from the main entrance and takes about 15 minutes by foot. There are ample signs along the way so you won’t get lost. If you are there on a weekend, expect plenty of locals having a picnic there and enjoying a cool dip in the waterfall areas.

Do note that while the mountain is free to enter, the gates will be closed for entry at 3pm. Visitors will still be allowed to exit until 4.30pm. You will also have to record your name and telephone number at the guardhouse at the entrance before entry.


– There are monkeys all around the Treehouse compund – it is a forest after all – so we were advised NOT to bring any food into the treehouse. There is a huge Toyogo box for guests to store their bags as well as a giant rock to be placed on top of the box. But a reader shared with me that while she was there with her family, the monkeys managed to remove the rock AND open the box in another treehouse! So the owner made another monkey-proof wooden box where you had to slide the cover off instead.

We didn’t encounter any monkeys during our stay but that’s probably because we didn’t bring any food to the accommodation.

– Pillows with pillow cases, mattresses with covers and blankets are provided, along with mini fans. Electrical points with extension sockets are also provided.

– What aren’t provided are towels, toiletries like shampoo, bath gel, toothbrushes and toothpaste. Oh, you have to bring your own toilet paper too.

– Im my opnion, the 3-storey Treehouse isn’t suitable for families with toddlers and very young kids. That’s because the windows cannot be locked and there are plenty of openings on each level which can be dangerous for younger kids who cannot comprehend the consequences of their actions yet. I would recommend booking the Treehouse which is located at the entrance of the compound. There’s no need to walk up any steps and the doors & windows can be secured.

– A fee of RM3 is payable when entering the Gunung Pulai area. The collection booth is located just before you reach Rainforest Treehouse.

– Mobile date coverage is decent. There were certain times when the signal was lost but it came back after a few minutes.

– 2D1N Package: 4pax or more: RM128/adult, RM88/child OR 3pax: RM140/adult, RM88/child

(Includes 1 dinner & 1 breakfast, Halal food)

*0-4 years old are free of charge without bed (or you can add a bed for RM30/bed/night), 5-12 years old are considered children, and 13 years and older will be charged as adults.

– A typical 2d1N itinerary goes like this:

Day 1

2:00pm: Check in 

2:30pm:  Waterfall trip, self-guided (20 min walking distance), or enjoy drinks and food at the cafe

6:30pm:  Dinner

7:00pm:  Sunset view at library tower (for guests not staying at the 3-level Treehouse)

10:30pm: Bed time

Day 2

8:30am: Breakfast 

9:30am: Jungle trekking with guide (may stop or delay if raining) or free and easy 

12pm: Check out

Things to bring: backpack, clothes (long pants), towel, water bottle, toiletries, toilet paper, insect repellent spray, headlamp, and umbrella/raincoat


To check availability and/or to book, you can do so by messaging them via Facebook HERE OR sending them a WhatsApp message at +60 12-930 9914 (or by clicking here).


Address: 5, Jalan Air Terjun, Kampung Sri Gunung Pulai

Or you can search Rainforest Tree House in GOOGLE MAPS or WAZE for the exact entrance location.

GPS coordinates: 1.591976, 103.517143

Driving directions:

– Turn right at the first exit (approximately 50 meters) past the Kulai toll

– Continue straight for 10km

– Turn left at the sign for Gunung Pulai Recreational Forest. Pay RM3/car parking fee at the entrance.

– Continue straight 500 meters

– Rainforest Tree House will be on the left side of the road before the bridge. Look for the big bamboo gate.

– You may park on the street in front of Rainforest Tree House.

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