A great rest is essential for optimum overall health and can have an affect on mood, pounds and hormone amounts.

Sleeping conditions and sleeping problems are common modern criticism,such as insomnia, slumber deprivation, sleep apnea, snoring and restless legs syndrome. Sleep issues and difficulties are critical plenty of to interfere with regular physical, mental, social and psychological working.

Some of the most important causes for sleep conditions are too much fatigue, worry, stress and anxiety, weighty and loaded foods, coffee, tea and other people stimulants taken at night time, much too warm or noisy area.

A persistent rest ailment justifies mindful notice and medical test-up.

Astrological components responsible for snooze ailments/complications are

12th home/lord -pure significator of sleep

4th property/lord-property of comforts

Moon -significator of intellect/coronary heart/tummy /temper-swings

Mercury -represents intelligence and mind nerves

Saturn -signifies melancholy, obstruction and ailments

Astrological combos for slumber issues

1. Mercury governs brain nerves, Moon controls thoughts, heart and tummy. Jupiter principles about the liver and lungs. The parts of the human body which results in rest diseases are mind nerves, lungs and liver. As a result these 3 planets are liable for giving audio sleep.

2. Lord of 12th property existing in 3rd/6th/8th suggests disturbed slumber.

3. Lord of 3rd/6th/12th property put in 12th home implies inadequate rest.

4. If lord of ascendant/3rd property or the Moon is posited in 12th dwelling then the rest is characterised by obscure dreams.

5. Presence of natural malefic like Saturn/Mars/ Sunlight/Rahu/Ketu in 12th residence implies disturbed slumber.

6. 12th home hammed amongst 6th and 8th residence lords signifies sleeplessness or rest with horrific desires.

7. 12th lord combust by Sun then the indigenous will undergo from insomnia.

8. 12th house/lord connected with Venus suggests prolonged hours of sleep.

9. Lord of 3rd /4th property existing in 12th property or lord of 12th dwelling existing in 3rd/4th property induces sexual goals in the head of native.

10. Lord of 12th is in exaltation/personal dwelling, the native will rest much too a lot.

11. Lord of 12th household put in ascendant or lord of ascendant and 12th exchanges their homes, then the native develops lazy tendencies and sleep much too a great deal.

12. 12th home/lord associated with Venus leads to excessive sleepiness, primarily if Venus is also the lord of Ascendant /4th residence amount of money of sleep exceeds quite a few folds.

13. Rahu affiliated with 12th property/lord is accountable for interrupted slumber.

14. If Ketu is linked with 12th house/lord the indigenous will continue being uninteresting and sleepy.

15. If lord of 12th property is weak and current in 6th/8th dwelling the sleeping period is curtail.