Top 4 Baby Bjorn to have in your baby bucket list in 2022

When the summer is in full swing you might want to have a walk outside with your baby and enjoy the summer. Apart from investing in a baby stroller, you might also consider investing into a baby Bjorn or baby carrier. Baby Bjorn are by far the most loved baby products by the parents. These carriers are a perfect hands free way to travel and explore with your baby. No matter how cozy a swing or bouncy seat is, babies always like to be near to you and feel the warmth of your body. A baby bjorn is a great alternative to a stroller for a baby who gets fussy and cranky when he or she does not see you. You can get skin to skin contact with your baby which is not possible with a stroller. The baby carriers help to offer a close contact with your baby without your arms getting too tired. 

These carriers are not only perfect for parents who like to go out and have fun, but are also great for parents who are busy working around the house doing household chores like cleaning or cooking. 

Baby Bjorn to have in your bucket list

Baby bjorn is a company that has been creating safe and functional baby carriers for more than 60 years. They work closely with pediatricians to make sure that their product is safe for the baby. These carriers comply with safety testing regulations in both America and Europe. All the products are created by keeping the baby and the wearer in mind. The products are machine washable and are built to last longer. The fabric used is stylish and soft for your baby’s skin. Here are some of the best baby bjorn that you should purchase.

Baby bjorn baby carrier one cotton

The ergonomic baby carrier one is crafted in a soft cotton blend. The sturdy waist belt and padded shoulder straps make baby wearing comfortable without putting a lot of pressure on your shoulders. In this the baby wearing is possible for newborns and upto the age of three. The supreme softness and flexibility of the cotton blend makes you feel that our baby is being carried in a natural way. It has ergonomic carrying with a wide leg position. Has a four way front and back carrying including front carrying option. It has two different height positions. 

Baby Bjorn baby carrier one air 3D mesh Pearly pink

In this baby carrier you can enjoy the closeness of baby carrying for a longer  period of time. And what more to say, it is comfortable with both you and your little one. You can carry the baby for a longer time with a baby carrier with one air crafted 3D mesh. The sturdy waist belt and padded shoulders relieve pressure from your back and shoulders. It is possible to wear babies from newborn to three years of age. Baby carrier one air is an ideal option. It has two different height positions. With just a few adjustments you can make changes from your baby facing towards you to baby facing outwards. 

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier One Air, 3D Mesh, Pearly Pink

  • The LATEST version, with new features and a new design
  • Airy & breathable mesh that dries quickly
  • Ergonomic & Comfortable in soft materials
  • Fully adjustable size and seat width
  • Babywearing from 0 to 3 years, plus facing-out & Back carrying

Baby Bjorn baby carrier mini 3D jersey

Baby carrier mini is small, soft and simple to use. It is designed to cater a very young baby’s need for closeness. The baby carrier mini is suitable to use from day one. You can easily pack the mini carrier into your hospital bag. This carrier is suitable till your child becomes one year of age or achieves the weight of about 24lbs (11kg) or achieves a height of about 29.5 in or of about 75 cm.

BABYBJÖRN Baby Carrier Mini, 3D Jersey, Dark Grey

  • Perfect first carrier for newborns
  • Adjustable seat and head support for continual ergonomic support as your baby grows
  • Cozy and flexible fabrics designed to comfort your baby
  • Ultra soft, lightweight, and machine-washable fabrics
  • Easy-on and off for parents with 2 front-carrying options

Baby Bjorn baby carrier free 3D mesh

This baby carrier is totally ideal for you. It is ergonomic,user friendly, and a flexible baby carrier in soft 3D mesh. It is simple to put on and take off. The carrier is simple to put on and take off and with the help of two part design you can carry your sleeping child very easily. You can adjust the baby carrier without help and keep the settings for the next time you use it. Some babies prefer to face you while going out and some prefer to explore the world. Once your baby learns to hold its head you can also try the outward facing option. 

BABYBJORN Baby Carrier Free, 3D Mesh, Sage Green

  • Excellent comfort with built-in back support and waist belt
  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Soft and airy design in cool 3D mesh
  • Carry facing in or facing out on your front
  • Easy to lift out your sleeping baby

So, here are a few baby Bjorn that you should think of purchasing. Please let us know what you think about it in the comments section below.

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